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Security - RCAR


The Regulated Air Cargo Agent Regime (RCAR) is implemented to secure the processes for handling, transporting and storage of cargo on all-cargo and passenger aircraft.

Known Consignor’s cargo will subject to a lower percentage of screening compared to unknown consignors whose cargo will be fully screened – screening fees apply.

Consignors are recognised as Known Consignors in 2 ways:

1] Possess industry-recognised security certification with current validity – TACSS level 1, C-TPAT Tier 2 or 3 or STP or STP-Plus;

2] Consignors who have a commercial relationship with “SPEEDMARK” – ie consignors have shipped with “SPEEDMARK” at least 3 times in the  preceding 12 months with the third shipment transacted in the preceding 6 months without incident and at least once every 6 months thereafter.


Note: By 1st half of 2021, consignors who wish to be recognised as Known Consignors must register with APD to be recognised as a Known Consignor, thus to comply with a set of security requirements in securing the air cargo which they are handling or to be exported.

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